What we do

The Barking Lot is a very unique pet shop in West Yorkshire- due to the fact that we ONLY sell all-natural, healthy pet food with a minimum real meat content of 20% (NO “meat and animal derivatives” or by-products). 99% of our pet treats are also all-natural (some people just won’t part with their bonios and gravy bones!) and none come from China. Vicki is constantly studying nutrition and getting advice from leading nutritionists and vets, and she offers FREE nutritional consultations.

We also believe in stocking as many ethical products for your best friends as possible. NOTHING goes on our shelves without careful research and thought. With that in mind, we stock Burns, Barking Heads, Feelwells, Lily’s Kitchen, Puredog, Naturediet, and Pooch and Mutt, which are all Ethical Company Organisation accredited. This means the companies have gone through rigorous review using such criteria of animal welfare, the environment, fair trade, renewable resources and ethical investing. The organisation’s aim is “to encourage the world’s companies to treat humans, animals and the environment with the highest possible levels of respect”. Orijen, Acana, Gentle, Guru, Simpsons and Natures Menu are also ethical, independent pet food manufacturers that we stock.

For more information, go to http://www.ethical-company-organisation.org/EthicalCat-DogFood.pdf

We provide free samples of almost all of our food and many of our treats, and ALL of our food has a money-back guarantee! We offer loyalty schemes for Burns, Excel, and Orijen/Acana.

We also stock several award-winning toys and collars with a money-back guarantee if destroyed!


**NOW STOCKING** Nature’s Menu and Nutriment raw dog and cat food and treats! http://www.naturesmenu.co.uk/what-we-believe.aspx and http://www.nutriment.co/


The Barking Lot is proud to announce that we are an exclusive West Yorkshire stockist of Gentle cold-pressed dog food. Come in for your free samples today! http://www.gentledogfood.co.uk/



Member of the Federation of Small Businesses